How do I?

07 Aug

How do I setup the latest gadget I bought?

• New computer set up
• Data transfer from your old computer
• Connection to your internet provider or wireless router
• Printer and other peripheral set up and configuration
• Memory upgrades
• Upgrade multimedia capabilities
• Increase hard drive capacity
• Add a wireless card

A home network allows you to have multiple computers online simultaneously and also enables you and your family to be connected either wired or wirelessly. Services include:

• Set up & configure internet connection
• Set up email
• Share printers and files between computers
• Enable wireless capabilities

Smartphones & Tablets
• Set up internet connection
• Set up email
• Set up syncing between devices
• Set up printing

Data Backups
We will back up your data to a CD, DVD, external hard drive, or flash drive. We can show you how to do this yourself or we can set up software to do this automatically, so you won’t lose your important data.

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